Beautiful, isn’t it. The lone tree at the top of the page has a haunting beauty but also has another meaning to it. With regards to this blog site, the tree stands for health (the oxygen we breath and the sense of calm they create) which is the crux of this site. It also stands to remind us that even the biggest and mightiest of us can face hardships, and within the context of this site, that hardship surrounds our struggles with confidence.

I’m not saying that the tree is facing hardship, but just imagine the tree is you, it’s alone, and what i want to say is that you shouldn’t face confidence issues alone. I wanted to create a place where i could talk about confidence and hopefully pass on some useful insights and information to help others, so with that in mind…………………………

A very warm welcome to Confidence Unleashed!

This blog is aimed at working professionals between the ages of 18-35. This isn’t strict by the way, i’m not going to hunt you down because you visited my site and you are younger or older than this age range. The reason i have chosen this age range is because I share a particular affinity to these kinds of people as I am a 30 year old working professional. It by no means, means that people outside of this demographic won’t get any value from this blog, i’m not that mean!

So please feel free to read the posts in this blog (I will be adding a new post every week) and if you would like to know a little bit more about me and why this blog exists, head over to the about page :D.



Hey! So i take it you are here to find out a little bit about what on earth this blog is for, right? I promise i will keep this short and sweet.

Confidence Unleashed is a place where i (Luke, creator/confidence booster) wanted to be able to share my thoughts, tips and advice to those of us who struggle with confidence and self-esteem, and feel like it’s preventing you from being where or who you want to be in life.

Let’s face it, confidence seems to be a rare quality today but it is quite frankly the best trait anyone can have. People admire confidence, want to achieve it and are jealous of those who have it, It shows a sense of self worth, and can give you the impetus to strive for better from yourself and others around you, benefiting them and you.

Our confidence can be affected by all manner of impetus covering both physical and mental, so i intend to do the same and cover both aspects throughout the content that appears on here. With the sheer importance of our physical and mental well-being being of utmost importance, there will be a Health and wellness twist to the content i upload.

I really hope this blog gives you some food for thought, makes you smile and gives great value to you to improve your confidence or look for further reading on your confidence building journey.

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Thanks for being here, and i hope you enjoy my blog.



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I look forward to hearing from you.